What were the key factors of the study that lead to the selection of this research design?

STEP 2 QUESTION#4  AND STEP 3 QUESTION #5Assignment Purpose:It is important for the health information manager to be able to determine if the research information being used is good research data and collected appropriately.Assignment DescriptionEvery week during this class, you will be working with a group to complete a group assignment. Each week there will be a different assignment with different requirements.In order to receive credit for the group project, students must have demonstrated participation in the project. Participation is measured by the group discussion board, group file exchanges, and recorded group collaborate sessions. Individual assignments will not be accepted.Be sure to review the grading rubric weekly for each group assignment.Step One: Using the Herzing library, CDC website, or AHIMA website, locate an epidemiology study.Step Two: Evaluate the research study that you have located by answering the following questions