What role has the media or education system played (if any) in reporting this issue and how has it affected the public?

1. Visit the following website: bioethics.com2. select an article from the numerous available categories3. Click on the “tools” tab, then scroll down to “blogs”4. Post a short essay (400-800 words) describing the research and your reaction to this controversial issue in biology today. Please use the questions below to guide you in your efforts.5. Suggested topics may include stem cell research, cloning, GMOs, end of life decisions, transhumanismor any issue that relates to the environment or ethical treatment of animals. Select a topic that interests YOU.6. You may also site other references which may or may not be peer reviewed as we are generating public discussion and debate.7. Respectfully respond to one other student’s blog.8. Please Visit the following website: for excellent examples of student blogshttps://uhethics.wordpress.com/page/2/