What are the implications, on your career and the financial stability of your employer, of continuing to ‘bend’ the rules for them?

Time-Out Procedure.  This procedure removes the child from the environment where problematic behavior occurs which will remove the reinforcer.  By leaving the situation the behavior is eliminated or diminished.  With my kids I use the Time Out Procedure but I can remember in grade school getting in trouble for something that I never did.  My teacher made me sit outside of the classroom and gave me a “time-out.”  I can remember crying for hours on end because I was so traumatized for getting in trouble.  I have always been someone who wanted to follow the rules.  In this case, it wasn’t effective.  It taught me to fear my teacher more than anything else. Have you guys found the “time-out procedure” effective? And is it still considered a great way to instill good behavior in your child?