Research Methods and Data Analysis for Psychology.

Research Methods and Data Analysis for Psychology.Related and Independent t-TestsFor this Hand-in Assignment, refer to the part 3 of the SPSS workbook. The workbook provides several worked-out problems that serve as examples of how to perform the statistical analysis presented this week, followed by 4 problems in Part 3 that you must complete on your own and hand-in. (IBM SPSS Statistic viewer is required for this document).Assignment question:For each of the (4) studies described in Part 3 of the SPSS workbook:• Specify the design of each study, what the dependent and independent variables are, and then perform the appropriate analysis.• Report the findings in the standard notation, and state what the implications of your analysis are for the hypotheses.• Use the information in the worked-out problems in the first part of your workbook as guidance on how to present your findings.Support your Hand-in Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.