List and discuss the four basic categories of NoSQL databases: outline the differences between these categories and give examples where these are used.

TaskThis Assessment comprises two parts. Please refer to the submission instructions section for submission of each part.Assessment Part A: (10 MARKS)From Resources under Main Menu in Interact 2 go to Assignment 5 FolderNOTES• This assignment requires you to use SQL Workbench to complete the tasks.Instruction sheet on how to install SQL Workbench will be placed under ‘student resources’ on Interact2.• You will need to download and use the file ‘Assignment5’, from Interact2 Student Resources in the ‘Assignment 5 – SQL DB’ folder.• Queries need to have the correct syntax and must show the results after execution:Typing the SQL statements or the results is NOT acceptable.Write and run SQL statements to complete the following tasks1. List the names and codes of vendors and the number of products each vendor has supplied, i.e. vendor AA has supplied xxx products, and vendor BB has supplied yyy products etc.2. Show the total value of invoices for each customer with the customer the Last Name, and a column heading showing ‘Total_invoice_value’ in the results.3. List the names of the customers and how many times a customer generated an invoice: make sure the new column heading reads “Num_Of_Invoices”.4. Through a calculation, show the Total unit price (aliased column) for the units and line price.5. Show the details of the invoice that has the minimum subtotal.6. List all the purchases made by customer Orlando. (use a natural join).7. Add a new vendor row/record in the vendor table and use your teacher’s name and your choice of other details. (1m)8. Add a new row/record to the `customer` table to include your actual student_ID in the CUS_CODE, your last_name as the CUS_LNAME` and your first name as CUS_FNAME. Add any other details of your choice in all the other fields.9. Add a new attribute (field) ‘Customer_rating’ with data type and length ‘VARCHAR(14) to the vendor table.10. Update ‘Customer_rating’ for the Customer that has ‘your student ID and name’ from point 2, to show ‘GREAT’.Assessment Part B (approx. 500-550 words): 10 MARKSNote: you are expected to conduct research about current and future Database technologies by answering the below question:Research Question: List and discuss the four basic categories of NoSQL databases: outline the differences between these categories and give examples where these are used.Note: Use proper references in the APA style.Submission Instructions:You are required to submit the following file:A Word document with 2 parts –Part A: the SQL statements for each query (should be copied from your Workbench software into your Word assignment file): The screenshots of the results of the SQL statements copied and pasted into your submission file immediately after you execute the SQL query and under the SQL statements for the question.Part B: Your researched answer in about 500-550 words on NoSQL database technologies.Rationaleback to topThis assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:• be able to use complex SQL commands to query a database.• be able to research a recent development in the field of database technology.