Investigate and solve software development problems with minimal supervision

Objectives: Subject objectives: 1, 2, 3,4 and 51. Investigate and solve software development problems with minimal supervision.2. Determine and balance the competing goals of software development activities withintheir constraint.3. Plan and manage a software development task to create, modify or extend a softwarefeature or function to completion within the task constraints.4. Apply sound software engineering practices to successfully create, modify or extend asoftware feature or function.5. Communicate clearly software and task information to interested stakeholders.Type: ProjectTask: You are required to develop a web software application for Online Movie Store (OMS)that allows users (registered and anonymous) to search and purchase available movies. OMSstock and transactions records are stored into a database. The OMS should be developed usingagile practices and following and MVC architecture designed and planned in assignment 1.This assessment task will require students to produce, submit and present a report (comprisesof contributions), small working software application (comprises of implemented and testedsoftware features or modules) and contribution logbooks/ timesheets for release 1 (seeminimum viable product section) for Online Movie Store. Based on the plan, softwarerequirements, architecture and design (submitted for Assessment Items 1) for release 1(minimum viable product).Note: It is recommended that the essential functionality of the assignment will be implementedusing the web technologies and techniques taught in this subject (e.g. Java, JSP, JDBC, JavaDB). You can use other technologies (JS, AngularJS, NodeJS, REACT, .NET, etc.) of yourchoice.Minimum Viable ProductYou have already implemented the index or landing page (home page) of the Online MovieStore (OMS) application in assignment 1 (prototype). It was the starting point of the webapplication and provided the options of login and register to users (without the programlogic). It should provide further implementations, pages and links for other features (see tablebelow) with appropriate navigation between pages (view), controller and model includingdatabase tables and sample data. Features 01, 02, 03 and 04 are mandatory features forthe minimum viable product (release 1). The features should be developed for release need to select these mandatory 4 features plus any of the other 1 features of your choicefrom the list to implement an end to end feature using MVC.