For Blackboard, you can store your artifacts into your “My Artifacts” page and access them when needed. You can access artifacts from the class directly into your portfolio.

The rubric for the Portfolio may be found here:  Final Portfolio Rubric Final Portfolio Rubric – Alternative FormatsFor your final project for this course you will create a professional portfolio. A professional or career portfolio is created to help you stand out from the crowd. The goal is to personalize your resume, education, philosophy and artifacts to leave a positive impression on the those who view your work. Portfolios can be posted publicly or privately depending on your goals. For this course, the portfolio can be 1) privately posted in the Portfolio area in the classroom on the Blackboard platform or 2) completed on Wix for a more usable public portfolio.Requirements: The following pages are required for the Portfolio. Some of the content had been submitted in the course but should be revised based on feedback provided by your instructor and enhanced with graphics or photos for the Final Portfolio. Pages marked with a star * have been previously composed in the blogs or weekly writing assignments. In total, 10 items should be contained in the portfolio. The list below shows eight pages plus two “artifacts.” Artifacts are letters, memos, emails completed in your weekly writing assignments. You should choose two artifacts that reflect the areas such as positive messaging, promoting diversity, you attitude, and positive emphasis.