Examine the results of this cross and save the results to your lab notes. Tabulate your data and present it. What was the phenotypic ratio for the offspring resulting from this testcross?

The following questions are designed to help you become familiar with the operation of Fly Lab by studying the inheritance of traits in frut flies. The purpose of this laboratory is to simulate basic principles of genetic inheritance based on Mendelian genetics, to understand the relationship between phenotype and genotype, and how to construct punnet squares to determine characteristic phenotypic ratios. Follow the instructions in the lab manual and answer the questions below as you work through the FlyLab using the lab manual. Remember to show numerical data in tables or figures using the guidelines provided (“Data Presentation Basics” Powerpoint presentation found in the START HERE FIRST folder under the Lesson’s tab on the Angel website),, to explain the data in simple, clear, concise sentences, and to then answer the questions or draw conclusions using the data. Data always appears in the text in the form of a table or a figure not both as soon after it is mentioned as possible. References are cited in your responses not at the end of the lab report! Insert your responses in the green text boxes below. They will expand as you enter text as needed. Copy and paste figures from the lab simulations as needed into the green response boxes. Use the “Export Feature” of the lab, the select the text or figure using the click, drag, select features of your mouse, type ctrl C to copy to the clipboard, place cursor in destination document and type ctrl V to copy from the clipboard. If the “Export” command in the lab simulations doesn’t work for you turn off “ALL” of your popup blockers!