Discuss the links between strategic positioning and marketing tactics.

Department of Business Assignment brief Course BTEC Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7 Unit Unit name: Strategic Marketing Management Unit No: 7 Unit code: Y/602/2065 Tutor Student Name Student No. Unit aim This unit provides the learner with the methods and techniques to assess the Development of their own skills to support the achievement of strategic direction Learning outcomes and assessment criteria In order to pass this unit, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the learning outcomes for the unit. The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit. Instructions The following tasks are designed to consolidate knowledge gained on this unit. Students must attempt all tasks. The learning outcome assessed in each question is indicated in the right column. Please answer all questions set below in critical writing by applying the concepts to an organization of your choice where applicable. Task Learning Outcome Task 1 Discuss the role of strategic marketing in an organisation of your choice. AC1.1 Task 2 Explain the processes involved in strategic marketing. AC1.2 Task 3 Evaluate the links between strategic marketing and Corporate Strategy. AC1.3 Task 4 Assess the value of models used in strategic marketing planning. AC2.1 Task 5 Discuss the links between strategic positioning and marketing tactics. AC2.2 Task 6 Analyse the merits of relationship marketing in a given strategic marketing strategy AC1.2 Task 7 Describe how you would use appropriate marketing techniques to ascertain growth opportunities in a market. AC 3.1 Task 8 Describe the basic steps in planning how to use marketing strategy options in a market. AC3.2 Task 9 Highlight how you would create appropriate strategic marketing objectives for a market. AC3.1 Task 10 Report on the impact of changes in the external environment on a marketing strategy. AC4.1 Task 11 How would you conduct an internal analysis to identify current strengths and weaknesses in a marketing strategy? AC4.2 Task 12 Describe how you would propose strategic marketing responses to key emerging themes in a marketing strategy. AC4.3 Marking criteria To achieve a pass mark for this module • each must fulfil the requirements outlined for each task. • each task must be presented inappropriate format and in clear, accurate English. • Apply concepts where necessary to organisations and ensure your writing reflect the critical thinking.