Describe in detail some of the common components/considerations of a successful telecommuting program.

Abstract for the following: You are a Human Resources (HR)manager. You have been tasked to work with a specific internaldepartment to provide both guidance and structure to the potentialrollout of a telecommuting option for that group. As such, you wantto address the following specific issues with that departmentsmanagement team (NOTE: The associated point value for eachcomponent is noted in bold): 1.Describe in detail some of thecommon components/considerations of a successful telecommutingprogram. (Research is required outside of the course material) (50points) 2.Explain in detail the issues encountered by otherorganizations in implementing a telecommuting program. (Research isrequired outside of the course material) (50 points) a.How are theycommonly addressed in the rollout of an official program)3.Describe how you can best determine the fit of the individual fora telecommuting program. Focus on the course material covering: (50points) a.Values b.Personality c.Social Need of the individuald.Career management issues e.Any other items you feel are relevant4.Since the use of work teams is growing in importance, describe indetail the relevant factors to be considered in an effectivetelecommuting. Describe the potential limits this may have for arollout. Describe how some of these issues may be overcome. (50points)